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Group Courses can be run if there is a group of four or more that would like to do the course. The maximium you can have in one group is ten. This is so that everyone gets to be seen and shown properly without any rush. (Carer and Baby class as one) Depending on how many people would like to do the course and the location of the group would depend on the price per carer and baby. The average cost for group courses are £35 per carer.  Family centres are also welcome to enquire special rates can be given for block bookings.



If you have a group of four or more carers that wish to do the course and one of those carers are willing to allow thier premises to be used for the course which will be four one hourly sessions, normally one per week. ( The carer willing to allow thier premises to be used does get a discount on the cost of thier course) Please note The premises must be available for all four pre-arranged dates and times, if the person is unable to allow their premises to be available for any of the one hour sessions it is down to the group to find another premises for the course to take place.



The group course is carried out over four, one hourly sessions and teaches the carer how to massage baby in a way that can help resolve many issues, such as Colic, Feeding, Sleeping and bonding. It can also help with post natal depression and relaxation for new mothers to name but a few benefits. The course is ideal for carers, mothers, fathers, grandparents and any otherperson who is involved in bonding with a baby or infant.


Each group member will recieve an infant massage pack which includes 60ml of Baby Massage oil and an instrcution pack. If anyone would like to upgrade to the luxury pack it would be a further £7.50 and would include a 150ml bottle of Massage oil instead of the 60ml, an instruction pack and a baby massage towel.

Athough we would try to cover as much as possible if any classes are missed it is the responsibilty of each individual and no refund will be applied.


The benefits of having group sessions are that it is cheaper, plus you get to interact with other carers and enjoy social interaction for both you and baby, often making life long friends. This is a fun and useful course and although it does not give any individual the qualification to massaage anyone other than their infant, it can make your life more enjoyable as a parent and carer.



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