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Baby Massage is a way for you to bond further with your baby through touch, giving both you and your baby more of a physical bond, helping express love, care and respect. It will also help you to recognise your baby's cues quicker.

It is not a new phase, it has been practiced by mothers in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America for centuries and is something that parents/careers do with their baby not to their baby, so you can both enjoy it and relax together.

It involves the parent/career applying gentle massage strokes and caresses over the baby’s skin. It may have benefits such as helping baby sleep better, alleviate colic and digestive problems, blocked noses, help with crying baby issues as well as helping with skin complaints and relax muscles.

It will also help you as a parent feel more confident and help ease any stresses you may have with a new baby, including Post Natal Depression


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