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Skype courses are one 2 one course aimed at people who would prefer to learn at their own pace, wether it be due to work commitments or because they would rather learn this way due to their lifestyle. Either way it is a great way to learn how to bond with baby in a way that allows you to be you. You still get the quality learning on a one 2 one basis, but when it suits you. This course is ideal whatever country you are in as long as the carer can speak good English. Athough all three hourly sessions do have to be completed within six months of booking, course fees have to be paid in full when booking and are not refundable.



Once you have decided that you would like to do the skype course, you can either pay on the paypal link below or email me at [email protected] Once payment has been recieved we can arrange skype links at times requested. There will be three seperate hourly sessions.



The Skype course is carried out over three, one hourly sessions and teaches the carer how to massage baby in a way that can help resolve many issues, such as Colic, Feeding, Sleeping and bonding. It can also help with post natal depression and relaxation for new mothers to name but a few benefits. The course is ideal for carers, mothers, fathers, grandparents and any otherperson who is involved in bonding with a baby or infant.


Once we have recieved payment for your course you will recieve an infant luxury massage pack which includes 150ml of Baby Massage oil, an instrcution pack and a baby massage towel. Further bottles of massage oil are available to purchase at £4.99 for 60ml amd £6.99 for £150ml.

Athough we would try to cover as much as possible if any classes are missed it is the responsibilty of each individual and no refund will be applied.


The benefits of having skype sessions are that it fits in with you. There is no traveling to courses and the chances of changing schedualed times are easier,  which is great for the working mother. All you need is a Skype account and a good internet connection, which is the responsibilty of the client, a lap top or computer and your baby. This is a fun and useful course and although it does not give any individual the qualification to massage anyone other than their infant, it can make your life more enjoyable as a parent and carer.



Skype one 2 one courses are £25 per session. The course has three sessions which are payable on order so the complete course which includes a free Luxury infant Massage pack will cost £75.00, payble on booking.


                   If you would like to book this course you can either email [email protected] and after confirming          

                   times a paypal link can be sent to you, or you can click on the payment button

                   and you will be contacted via the email on your paypal to confirm dates and times

                   that suit you best.







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